July 22, 2009

Obama isn't a citizen?

I am incredulous that this belief is actually growing. What is more shocking to me is that the scope of the conspiracy believers is growing. At this point they have to actively believe that the Great State of Hawaii is in on it and that a local news paper that announced the birth of the eventual President was in on it, 50 years ago. Never let the facts get in the way of a delusion.

With Lou Dobbs of CNN giving these "Birthers" credibility by joining them, we are only going to see a rise in the number of people who have been tricked into believing this. I don't want to say that it's racial bigotry that is the source of the belief, but given that this is an extension of the non-sense we saw during the campaign about the President being "a Muslim" it is clear that it is.

While I doubt it is likely that any Birther can have this non-sense cleaned out of their heads, I think it's worth giving it a try when you find one who isn't utterly hysterical. After all, there is a bill in the House to require all future Presidential candidates to publish their birth certificates. A few tools to fight this idiocy would be very helpful.

There are two principles that are used to decide citizenship. Some nations use one, others use both. We are a nation that uses both. These are the "Rule of Soil" and the "Rule of Blood." The Rule of Soil says that anyone born on a nation's land is a citizen of that nation. The rule of blood says that the child of a citizen is a citizen, regardless of where in the world they were born.

Most of these Birthers are fixated on the Rule of Soil. They consistently tout that the President wasn't born in America and therefore can't be an American. This is utter non-sense but you can't argue with them because they believe there is a conspiracy to make it look like he was born in Hawaii. Using the Rule of Soil as the basis of an argument will never work. They willingly disbelieve the facts. So we need to move on to the second rule.

Much has been made of the President's paternal heritage, especially the fact that he wasn't an American. After all, if his daddy wasn't red, white, and blue then he must not be. Foreign imposter, they proclaim. But what about his mother? There can be no argument that she was an American woman. This is a detail that got some discussion when talking about how the President was a bridge between worlds. The Rule of Blood states that the child of an American citizen is automatically an American citizen himself. Where in the world the child was born is not a factor. It's that simple. His mother was an American, so he is an American. It's automatic.

Now, I'm a bit ashamed to have to even write about this, because it's nothing more than distraction. This is another method of turning the American People against themselves and directing their attention away in a sleight of hand effort that can only be used against us. It serves to enhance the polarization in this country that undermines the welfare and value of the People. I hope that by being able to articulate a solid argument that destroys this Birther Conspiracy non-sense that we can take a step towards turning the People away from this self-destructive behavior. We can not allow ourselves to be turned against each other by a controlling elite. To do so would mean our enslavement.


  1. For all the things I really can't stand about President Obama and his policies (and they are legion, at this point), I have been completely disgusted by the spurious claim that he's not an American. Thank you for writing this; it needed to be said and I haven't had time.

  2. Yeah good job especially the "turning Americans on themselves" part. It is unbelievable that people can't see the governments intentions on distracting them from the real issues. Calling Anti-Bush dissidents "terrorist" and Anti-Obama dissidents "Nazi racists" is extremely unethical. I think America needs to hit the reset button and rethink government. Race, religion, political party, etcetera... needs to be put aside and people need to ride together in issues against the government. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gpmi7dBet0c Kennedy says it all here.

  3. Obama isn't a Natural Born Citizen, both parents must be US citizens, for the child to be natural Born. In addition Obama was adopted by Barry Soetoro, and became an Indonesian citizen, and traveled around the world on an Indonesian passport. He is an illegal usurper, and must be arrested.

  4. I'm sorry, Geardo, but you are factually mistaken. All it takes to be a native citizen of the USA is to have one parent who is either a native or naturalized citizen. I would recommend you investigate our citizenship laws. A quick look around Snopes.com will also show you that it is not true that he gave up his American citizenship. I have no problem with honest disagreement on policy, but please, try to be factually accurate in the future. It's hard to take someone seriously when they are wrong on all the details.

  5. Native doesn't equal Natural Born!


  6. I'm sorry, but you are wrong again. 8 USC § 1401 - 1409 would cover all possible areas you want to misread. The applicable part is is that his mother lived in the US for 5 years prior to Obama's birth, of which 2 must be after the age of 14. Since we know she grew up here, and that she lived here for several years after the age of 14, this meets all requirements under the USC. Obama is a native citizen, regardless of where he was born. However, all of this is academic, as he was born in Hawaii, and as such, is a native citizen under the 14th Amendment and specified under 8 USC 1401. Do yourself a favor, stop reading the crazy sites and start reading US law.

  7. Since we're at it, and before you say something else incredibly stupid, I thought I'd document President Obama's actual birth certificate for you Geardo. This article was written back in August 2008, and it contains photos of Obama's birth certificate. He was born to an American woman, meets all requirements for birth outside the USA, and here is evidence that he was born on American soil. That means he is, unequivocally, an American, and of American birth. He has the right to be President, and you now need to acknowledge this or admit to being a lunatic like the rest of your paranoid-delusional Birther nut-job friends.