August 5, 2009

Cash For Clunkers

Politics just amazes me. Republicans and their Fox News flapping-heads are already declaring the Cash for Clunkers program a failure. Why? Because it's overwhelming success has required more money to keep it going. What happened is that the money allocated to the recovery program was designed to last for 90 days. It ran out in a much shorter time. Here's the real question; why? The program that offered up to $4500 in government aid for a new car has been so successful that sales are through the roof. Auto sales, which has been in the toilet, is currently sky high because of this program. Interest exceeded expectation. The American People are more than happy to part with their money in times of economic distress and save the ailing auto industry, the auto dealers, and put money into active circulation. All of this results in a much needed boost to the economy.

So, should we be mad that the program that is seeing American auto sales boosted to a high not seen in ages needs more funds? After all, the Obama administration did underestimate demand. The truth is that we should be thrilled that the program needs more funding. It needs more funding because it's working. In order to save our economy we need to put money into the programs that produce results. The expectations for sales were wrong, but they were based on good estimates drawn from the data that existed. You can't always predict what will garner more interest than it ought to. Does anyone remember Beanie Babies? We should be happy the program is working and that auto sales are way, way up.

What is truly sick is all of this noise coming from the Conserva-fascists is that they are trying to use this as a stepping stone to make attacks on health care reform. It's an Apples to Oranges pseudo-equation that has no merit. They want to label the "failure" of the CARS program as evidence that health care reform will lead to disaster. Politics by any means necessary, I guess. Please, ignore the man behind the curtain. You don't need affordable health care that you are in control of. The current system of corporate greed is just fine, for them. Don't believe us, just listen to our astroturf mouthpieces who we hire to disrupt any conversation at Town Hall meetings we don't want you to have.

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