January 21, 2010

American Democracy: Bought and Sold

The Supreme Court of the United States acted as expected.  Early today they freed corporations from restrictions limiting the amount of money they can spend to buy politicians.  This ruling wasn't unexpected, but that doesn't mean it isn't outrageous or damning.  You see, the sheer volume of money businesses have to "lobby" our elected officials far exceeds our own.  It was already bad enough.  Just look at Joe "I'm in bed with the insurance companies" Lieberman.  There is always John "I don't know anything about computers but I'm going to sell out the internet" McCain.  These men don't care what the people want.  They do what their corporate masters tell them to do.

Honestly, I'm far to angry over this to even try and be witty or funny.  I'm nearly at a loss for words.  I thought we weathered the storm of the Bush administration, even if we were hurting pretty badly.  Then, in a matter of three days we see the voters of Massachusetts reject a Democrat and the loss of the voice of the people.  It's said that terrible things happen in threes.  I'm mortified at the idea of what will come next.  After all, the third thing is always the worst.

Forgive the fact that this looks like melodrama or hyperbole.  This isn't.  You have just witnessed the death of democracy in America.  When you are old and grey, you can tell your grandkids you were there the day they were sold back into servitude to the elitist bastards who want to worshipped as gods among men.

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